Ad Board Buddies

Get Your Own Ad Board And Earn 100% Of All The Sales PLUS $50 COMMISSIONS FROM AD BOARD SALES.

First We Will Cover What You Are Buying
Your Own Ads Board For 12 Months
Included In The Price
Domain Name Purchase, Https Upgrade,
Cloud flare Protection,
Hosting 12 months, Automatic Daily Back Ups Of Your Data For 12 Months

Full Admin Panel

Full Access To
Your Own Admin Panel

Control Your Ads Board And Also Ability To Assign Team Admins .
Daily Back Ups

Automatic Daily Back Ups
On Our Server

Done Automaticly No Technical Knowledge Needed So Your Data Is Safe.
An Income Stream

Generate Sales From All Of Your Advertisers

You Keep 100% Of All Ad Sales
From Your Ads Board

All Ad Board Buddies
Will Share Your Ad Board

We know getting traffic is hard so all members of our ads board network will add your board to there buddies network.
(you also agree to do the same) This will help all of or members cross promote and build views together
How To Get Started

Join the Early Birds downline
and upgrade your account
To Ads Board Member

The Team

Our network is growing
Join the buddies network today